‘Eternals’ first reactions: “Ambitious, expansive, fashionable”

"Those end credits are GAME CHANGERS"

The first reactions to Chloé Zhao’s new Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternals are now in – scroll down to read.

The film is based on the Marvel Comics of the same name, focusing on the immortal alien race called the Eternals who have come out of hiding in order to save Earth from the Deviants.

Many fans who attended early screenings praised the film’s scope, with Courtney Howard calling the film “an evocative, emotional, extraordinarily epic superhero film”.


“#Eternals is amazing! Chloé Zhao & company turn in an evocative, emotional, extraordinarily epic superhero film. The ensemble have great chemistry & all get big Movie Moments to showcase their prowess. The naturalism of Ben Davis’ cinematography spotlights characters’ humanity.”

ScreenRant Lead Content Producer Ash Crossan agreed, writing: “Ambitious. Expansive. Fashionable. Surprisingly funny! Felt quite different than where we’ve been — almost forgot we were in the MCU at times. Pleased every character has such a chance to shine. Credits are WILD.”

Tessa Smith also nodded to the film’s end credits, calling them “GAME CHANGERS” and adding: “Holy crap – Eternals is a freaking MASTERPIECE!!! Packed with adrenaline right from the start, but also filled with lots of heart & humour! So many MCU firsts!! Your mind will be BLOWN! Nods to comics but a totally unique story. Those end credits are GAME CHANGERS!!”


Others took issue with the film’s scope, with IndieWire‘s David Ehrlich saying despite Zhao’s “cosmic” scale the film feels like “just misfit spandex people fighting bad CG for 3 hours”.

Maude Garrett agreed, saying the film “struggles with the amount of characters it introduces us to”, with the film’s “plot/pacing” suffering subsequently.

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Meanwhile, the film’s premiere reportedly revealed that Harry Styles might be cast as a major character in the future of the MCU.

Eternals will be released worldwide in cinemas on November 5.