Eva Green “humiliated” to have private messages “exposed” in court

The actor referred to a film crew as "shitty peasants"

Eva Green says that it’s been “humiliating” to have her private WhatsApp messages “exposed” in court.

The Casino Royale actor is currently suing production company White Lantern over a cancelled film called A Patriot in which she was due to star.

The project collapsed in 2019 after failing to secure production finance. Green claims that under her “pay or play” contract she is still owed a $1million (£810,000) fee.


White Lantern, meanwhile, claims that Green undermined the project and walked away, causing it to collapse.

On the first day of the court case, communications between Green and other individuals –including her agent – were disclosed. In them, she described the project as a “B-shitty-movie” and referred to one of the film’s producers as “evil” and “the devil”.

She also labelled the crew “shitty peasants”.

Eva Green attending court. Credit: Getty Images

Appearing in London’s High Court for a second day on Tuesday (January 31), Green admitted that she had been “very direct” in her private messages and that she was “humiliated” to have them “exposed”.

As part of a lengthy cross examination, White Lantern’s lawyer Max Mallin KC asked Green whether she was “accustomed to lying in text messages”, to which she replied: “I was not expecting to have my WhatsApp messages exposed in court. It’s already very humiliating” (via Variety).


When questioned about her decision to leave the project, Green referred to comments made by her Casino Royale co-star Daniel Craig who said in 2015 that he would “rather slash my own wrists” than return to play James Bond.

Mallin then accused Green of plucking the Craig anecdote from her agent’s witness statement, to which Green replied: “I know this story very well because I know Daniel very well.”

In other news, Craig recently revealed that he wanted to kill off his Bond ever since Casino Royale.

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