Ewan McGregor calls Boris Johnson a ‘spineless cunt’ after he abandons Tory leadership bid

Actor says the former London Mayor has 'let someone else clear up your mess'

Actor Ewan McGregor has labelled former London Mayor Boris Johnson a “spineless cunt” after the latter announced that he would not be running to be the next Conservative Party leader.

Johnson was the figurehead of the Leave campaign ahead of last week’s EU referendum but has taken a backseat since the Brexit win. Johnson said at a press conference on Thursday (June 30): “Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in Parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me”.


Responding to the news on Twitter, McGregor wrote: “@BorisJohnson You spineless c$&t You lead this ludicrous campaign to leave EU. Win, and now fuc& off to let someone else clear up your mess.” See that tweet below.


In the EU referendum last week, the Leave campaign won by a majority of 52% – 48% against the Remain camp. The UK is now set to leave the European Union.

The result triggered huge financial uncertainty, with the Pound at its lowest level since 1985. Residents of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted in favour of Remain, leaving political leaders in those countries to state that they could be seeking further referenda on voting to become independent.

The results came after it was revealed that a substantial majority of people aged 18-24 voted in favour of Remain, with 75% of voters in that age group voting Remain compared to 39% of voters aged 65 and above.

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