Ewan McGregor signs up for HBO adaptation of ‘The Corrections’

Jonathan Franzen's novel is being adapted for television

Ewan McGregor has signed up for HBO’s pilot adaptation of Jonathan Franzen‘s The Corrections.

Franzen’s award-winning novel is being adapted for television by the cable channel behind Boardwalk Empire and Game Of Thrones.

McGregor will appear alongside Oscar winners Dianne Wiest and Chris Cooper who were announced for the project last month, according to Deadline.

The pilot will be directed by Noah Baumbach, who will serve as executive producer alongside film producer Scott Rudin and Franzen himself. Anthony Hopkins has also been linked to the project.

The Corrections follows the troubled lives of an elderly Midwestern couple, played by Cooper and Wiest, and their three children from the 1950s through to the millennium. McGregor is set to play middle child Chip, a Marxist academic working for a Lithuanian mafia boss defrauding American investors.

Franzen’s novel won the US National Book Award in 2001 and was nominated for the following year’s Pulitzer Prize for Literature.