Check out an exclusive clip from ‘Moby Doc’ with David Bowie

"I almost feel like there was a quasi-older brother quality to his friendship with me"

A new clip from Moby Doc has just been released – you can watch it exclusively below.

The extract, taken from the forthcoming surrealist biographical documentary about and narrated by Moby, sees the artist reflect on his professional relationship and friendship with David Bowie.

“Bowie was my favourite musician of all-time,” Moby can be heard saying in the clip. “Maybe 2000 or 2001, he moved across the street from me and I couldn’t believe it. I became friends with David Bowie. Some of the moments he and I had together, I almost feel like there was a quasi-older brother quality to his friendship with me.


“We had barbecues together, we went to the deli together, we had tea together, we worked on music together, we worked on music together and had holidays together and had dinner together and we toured together.”

Moby Doc David Bowie
(Credit: Mercury Studios)

In the new documentary, Moby also opened up about suffering depression at the peak of his career.

Recalling his stay at Barcelona’s Arts Hotel the night before an awards ceremony, Moby said: “I got to my hotel the night before and I was at the top of one of the most elegant hotels I’ve ever been to.

“There are four huge apartments at the top of this hotel. My neighbours were Bon Jovi, P Diddy and Madonna. That night, I ended up getting very drunk. Everything was perfect. Everything I’d ever wanted had been given to me, even more so… I’d sold 10 or 20 million records… and I was so despondent.”

Moby Doc will be released on May 28, and tickets are available to purchase here.

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