Exec producer Steven Moffat rules out ‘Doctor Who’ meets ‘Sherlock’ crossover episode

Moffat says 'it would change Sherlock's life if he met the Doctor'

Steven Moffat has ruled out the possibility of a Doctor Who meets Sherlock crossover episode.

Because Moffat has served as Doctor Who‘s showrunner since 2010 and co-created Sherlock with Mark Gatiss, fans have often speculated that Peter Capaldi’s Timelord and Benedict Cumberbatch’s sleuth could come face to face in a future mash-up episode.

However, Moffat has now dismissed the possibility because he thinks it would have an irreversible effect on future episodes of Sherlock.


“It’s all right for Doctor Who. That’s fine,” Moffat replied when asked by Collider about a possible crossover. “But it would change Sherlock’s life if he met the Doctor and knew that time travel was possible. He’d have to factor that into every crime he solved.”

“And do we really think that Sherlock Holmes lived through a Dalek invasion? I don’t think he did. I think he’d have mentioned it by now. It’s not going to happen. That’s just the truth of it,” Moffat added.

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Doctor Who returned to BBC One this Saturday with the first episode in a special two-parter. The day before, Jenna Coleman confirmed that she will be stepping down as the Doctor’s companion at some point during the new season.

Sherlock is expected to return to BBC One later this year for a self-contained special set in Victorian England.