‘Expendables 3’ producers to go after 10 million illegal downloaders

Avi Lerner claims the film lost a potential $250m in box office revenue

The producers of Sylvester Stallone action movie The Expendables 3 are pursuing 10 million people who illegally downloaded the film.

Avi Lerner claims internet piracy has dented the fim’s box office take to the tune of $250m as the film was available to download prior to its launch on August 15.

Variety reports Millennium Films chairman Lerner was “devastated” by the online leak of the movie in July. His company are taking action and directly pursuing those who downloaded the film via file sharing sites. Legal letters are being sent to holders of IP addresses linked to the download data.

Lerner said it was “not right to steal” and aims to protect his company’s intellectual property and the thousands of people who made the Stallone action film. Millennium Films are asking for an out of court settlement in lieu of more substantial damages if they take cases to trial. 50,000 letters have already been sent. Lerner sees the move as an important deterrent and maintained: “We will carry on until we get everyone.”

The Expendables 3 is the worst performing film of the franchise having made only $190m at the worldwide box office to date.

Speaking at The Expendables 3 press conference in London last month, Stallone confirmed the franchise expansion spin-off Expendabelles will begin shooting early next year.

The Expendables 3 featured the first female Expendable played by mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey and Stallone explained she won’t be the only non-actor to join the team. “We can’t totally depend on actresses for Expendabelles,” he said .”Because you’re gonna need a certain kind of physicality to pull this off.”

Stallone added: “We’re in unchartered waters – perhaps we’re gonna need other MMA fighters, women that are known to be tough. It needs to be something that holds it’s own and isn’t just a use of the Expendables name.”

The screenplay for Expendabelles is being written by Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith (Legally Blonde, The Ugly Truth), with Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil) rumoured to star.