Ezra Miller: court is unable to locate actor to serve papers

The parents of an 18-year-old were granted a protective order against the actor

A court has been unable to locate Ezra Miller after the parents of an 18-year-old were granted a protective order against the actor.

Earlier this month, the Fantastic Beasts star was accused of using violence and other intimidatory methods to influence 18-year-old environmental activist Tokata Iron Eyes.

Last week, Tokata’s parents Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle had their interim order granted by Standing Rock Sioux tribal court in North Dakota, accusing Miller of “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating and endangering the safety and welfare of Tokata Iron Eyes”, The Los Angeles Times reports.


However, the petition says that the “the Court cannot locate or serve” Miller the papers, and Chase Iron Eyes told that paper that he and the court “have no idea of knowing where Tokata and Ezra are to gain help from other jurisdictions” to serve or enforce the order.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller photographed in 2019. Credit: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

The order prevents Miller from “contacting or harassing” Tokata and Chase Iron Eyes and Jumping Eagle for 30 days, and Miller is also ordered to stay 100 yards away from the family’s residence within that period. It also “will grant the relief requested” if Miller doesn’t turn up to the July 12 hearing.

“They move around so much [that] we’re stuck in this legal limbo situation, and we can’t serve them in any place they’re in long enough,” Chase Iron Eyes told The Times.

“They’ve been flighty. They’ve been avoiding service, and now there’s public pressure mounting on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature. … We’re working very hard to get this order enforced wherever they are.”

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)


Tokata’s parents are still considered the legal guardians under tribal court rules, even though the teen is 18, and The Los Angeles Times reports that they have tried to serve documents previously in Vermont and California.

It was previously reported that Miller, 23 at the time, first met with an underage Iron Eyes – when they were 12 – at a visit to Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.

The parents claim that Miller supplied Tokata with alcohol, marijuana and LSD, and a recent interaction this year saw Iron Eyes left with bruises, without a car, a driver’s licence, keys or a bank card. They have also claimed that Miller influenced Tokata’s decision to come out as non-binary transgender, despite previously identifying as queer, gay and non-binary.

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller CREDIT: Samir Hussein/WireImage

An Instagram supposedly belonging to the activist posted on June 6 referred to Miller as a “comrade” and accused their parents of “emotional and psychological manipulation”. Tokata has since posted an Instagram clip to “clarify [that the statements] are directly from me”.

Miller was previously arrested a number of times in recent months, including for disorderly conduct and harassment at a karaoke bar in Hawaii, and also after allegedly striking a woman with a chair. The actor hasn’t commented publicly on the incidents.

NME has reached out to Miller’s representatives for comment.

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