A ‘Face/Off’ reboot is in the works

Transplant time...

A reboot of the iconic action thriller Face/Off is reportedly in the works.

Directed by John Woo, the 1997 movie starred John Travolta as Sean Archer, an FBI agent who is hell-bent on catching terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage), the man who killed his son.

In a pioneering attempt at going undercover, Archer undergoes facial transplant surgery so he can take the face of Cage and head into prison in order to prevent another attack. Suffice to say, things then get even more complicated when Castor Troy (Cage) awakens from a coma and adopts Travolta’s original face.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, 22 Jump Street screenwriter Oren Uziel is now heading up work on a reboot of the cult thriller. He’s set to be joined by producer Neal Moritz and executive producer David Permut on the new project.

Upon release in 1997, Face/Off proved to be director John Woo’s biggest hit – with a $245 million global gross.

A release date for the project is yet be confirmed, as is whether Travolta or Cage could be involved in any capacity.

In other Nic Cage news, he recently responded to the viral videos which showed him delivering an angry rendition of Purple Rain at an LA karaoke bar.

“You go to a karaoke bar with a male friend in the neighbourhood, the bar says ‘no videotaping’ and suddenly, there’s two different videos of you doing karaoke. Who did that? Who exposed the videotape? Who sold it?” Cage said.


“But honestly, I wasn’t even doing that to sing. It was more like primal-scream therapy. It was a holiday weekend, and I didn’t want to go anywhere, but my friend who was with me said: ‘You can’t sit here in your apartment. You’ve got to go out’. So I went to the one place in my neighbourhood that I knew had no video recording, just to have some fun, and that became everybody’s business.”

Travolta, meanwhile, suffered a career blow after his latest movie bombed at the US box office in its opening weekend. The Fanatic, which is directed by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, took a paltry $3,153 (£2,615) from 52 cinemas.