X-Men actress Fan Bingbing goes missing after facing fraud allegations

She's disappeared from public life in recent months...

China’s highest-paid movie star may have been detained for alleged tax fraud, after becoming absent from public life in recent months.

Fan Binbing is a longstanding household name in China and made her Hollywood debut in 2014 with a role in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ as Clarice Ferguson/Blink.

In 2017, she also topped a Forbes list of China’s top-earning celebrities after garnering an annual income of 300 million Yuan (£33.5m).

But it is now feared that she may have been detained by Chinese authorities, following recent allegations of tax evasion. 

In May, Chinese news reports suggested that the star may have taken unauthorised payments.

Photos posted online by former state TV presenter Cui Yongyuan purportedly show evidence of Fan receiving unauthorised contract payments – although the claims were dismissed as ‘slander’.

She was alleged to have used The ‘ying and yang’ contract agreement which reportedly sees stars using one contract to disclose their income, while another is used to evade taxes. Her studio has denied any wrongdoing.

The actress also came last in an academic report by Beijing Normal University that sought to rank to social responsibility of Chinese A-listers.

She scored zero, in contrast to the high rankings received by stars included by Jackie Chan and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon star Zhang Ziyi.

In June, China’s state news agency Xinhua confirmed that the government was taking new steps in tackle tax evasion and excessive pay within the entertainment industry.

Fan’s Hollywood presence is set to increase later this year with a role in spy thriller 355, starring alongside Penelope Cruz and Jessica Chastain.