‘Fast And The Furious’ director denies sexual assault allegations made by his daughter

Valkyrie Weather accused her dad Rob Cohen of raping her when she was a child

Fast And The Furious director Rob Cohen has denied allegations of sexual assault made against him by his own daughter.

Valkyrie Weather, Cohen’s eldest daughter, accused her father of raping her when she was a child in a post published on Facebook yesterday (February 21).

“When I was very young, Rob used my body for his own sexual gratification,” the 32-year-old transgender woman, who was born Kyle Cohen, wrote. “My mother witnessed one of the assaults when I was between two and two and a half years old, and has since confirmed what she saw.”

My name is Valkyrie Weather, born Kyle Cohen, the oldest child and trans daughter of film producer/director Rob Cohen…

Posted by Valkyrie Weather on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Weather alleged that Cohen had taken her to see sex workers in Thailand and the Czech Republic when she was between 13 and 14 years old. She also claimed that he had “raped at least one other woman” in her sleep. “I know this because he would occasionally tell the story as an anecdote,” she wrote.

She cited the #MeToo movement as giving her “the will to speak out”. “While Rob will in all likelihood escape criminal justice, I demand that my story be heard,” Weather added. “I am not seeking financial restitution, nor do I have a career to promote. My greatest hope is that others who have been hurt by Rob Cohen feel that they are able to come forward as well.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she expanded on the post, saying that her mother, Diana Mitzner, had admitted to witnessing the alleged assault in a conversation between the two after Weather transitioned.

Rob Cohen
Rob Cohen

Cohen denied the claims in a statement. “Knowing that it is categorically untrue is painful enough,” he wrote. “Having to write this and saying that my kid is not telling the truth is heart wrenching.”

He continued: “When Valkyrie’s (Kyle at the time) mom and I were getting divorced, she accused me during the custody court proceedings of many things, including a similar accusation to this one. After a very long trial, the court appointed psychiatrist awarded me full custody, in spite of these false accusations. Subsequently, my ex-wife appealed, and after another lengthy trial, I was awarded full custody once again. At this point Kyle was about 14 years old, and when asked about his preference on which parent to live with, he chose me.”

The director, who has also worked on films like xXx, Stealth and The Hurricane Heist, said he had never raped anyone and had never harmed any of his children. “I may have not been a perfect husband,” he said. “I am, as all of us are, a person and a parent who has made mistakes along the way, but never ever would I harm any of my children, or any child for that matter.”

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