‘Fear The Walking Dead’ star worried about spoiler leaks after leaving scripts in pub

British actor Frank Dillane plays Nick Clark in the zombie spin-off

A star of The Walking Dead spin-off Fear The Walking Dead has admitted that he keeps leaving top-secret scripts in pubs.

Fear The Walking Dead premiered in 2015 and has run for two seasons to date. It is a considered a companion series and prequel to the main show.

British actor Frank Dillane, who plays Nick Clark in the zombie show, recently told The Sun: “We have to shred our scripts – I’m forever leaving my scripts in pubs. I could get in trouble… I have done it numerous times.”

“I’ve left them in a few pubs,” he added. “There are probably a few [floating around]… they are very strict on that you are not allowed to [leave them lying around].”

Dillane appeared surprised that there has been no spoiler leaks yet. “If it comes out, it comes out and I’ll take the rap for it,” he said. “Otherwise there’s no point getting told off. I’m constantly waiting to be told off but no one seems to do it.”

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Viewing figures for The Walking Dead have plummeted in the US since the opening episode of season seven.

The premiere debuted to 17.1 million people, and became the second-highest rated episode in the show’s history. Since then, the number of Walking Dead viewers has declined. The fifth episode of the season drew less than 11 million viewers.

It’s the first time the show has had less than 11 million viewers since season three. The reason for the decline is unclear but one theory is that fans are not happy with the format of the season, with each episode jumping to a different story and set of characters.

It was also recently confirmed that The Walking Dead has been renewed for an eighth season. Season Eight will premiere in late 2017, kicking off with the show’s 100th episode.