Female stars of ‘The Inbetweeners’ movie get own E4 sitcom ‘Drifters’

New show is written by actress Jessica Knappett

E4 has announced details of a new sitcom titled Drifters, which will star several of the female cast from The Inbetweeners Movie.

However, rather than reprising their roles from the record-breaking flick, the show will follow the lives of a group of women struggling to adjust to life in the real world after finishing their studies at University.

The series has been written by Jessica Knappett, who played Lisa, the love interest of Inbetweeners character Neil Sutherland in the big-screen adventure. She is joined by Lauren O’ Rourke, who was cast as Neil’s former partner Nicole, and Lydia Rose Bewley, who played Jay Cartwright’s new girlfriend Jane.

In a statement describing the show, E4 said: “Drifters is a comedy drama about three twenty-something young women experiencing their first slice of the real world post-University – making terrible decisions, but having a brilliant time doing it. For the Drifter girls it’s time to start asking some serious questions: What do they do now? Who are they going to be? And is it ok to shag someone with a sweat problem if you haven’t had sex in 12 months?

“Not fully paid up career women, Meg (Jessica Knappett), Bunny (Lydia Rose Bewley) and Laura (Lauren O’Rourke) take on a series of menial jobs in their home town of Leeds that allow them to cling to the last vestiges of girlhood – that stage where everything is terrifying and exciting in equal measure,” added the station. “It’s all about the fear that comes with knowing you should take more responsibility and the excitement that comes with knowing you still don’t really have any at all.”

Yesterday (November 9), the writers of The Inbetweeners revealed that they are “getting close” to finishing the script for a second film. The original movie, which was released last year followed the show’s posse of hapless teenagers on an ill-fated holiday to Crete, became the highest-grossing comedy film in UK box office history with takings of £45 million.