‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ author to appear in movie?

EL James based a character in the book on herself and wants to play the part on screen

The author of Fifty Shades Of Grey has admitted that she wants to make a cameo appearance in the film adaptation of her book.

EL James, a British woman from West London whose real name is Erika Leonard, sold the screen rights to her erotic novel back in March (2012). However, the eagerly-anticipated movie still has no screenwriter, director or confirmed stars.

Casting for the project is an increasingly hot topic. Earlier this week, James revealed that she has seven actors in mind to play the male and female leads.

The author also revealed that she based a small character in the novel on herself and wants to play the part on screen. During an appearance on US chatshow Katie, James said: “I’ve actually written myself into the book; I play a very tiny cameo role and I might try and do that if I’m asked to … we’ll see. It’d be interesting to know if people can find me in the books.”

Fifty Shades Of Grey is the first in a trilogy of novels tracing the sexual relationship between businessman Christian Grey and college graduate Anastacia Steele. The series has now sold over 40 million copies worldwide, making these parts among the most prized in Hollywood.

Earlier this month (September), the author’s husband Niall Leonard let slip that the “last he heard”, Ryan Gosling was frontrunner to play Grey. Since then, Jake Gyllenhaal has also expressed an interest in the part.

Meanwhile, Shailene Woodley from The Descendants and teen star Ashley Benson are said to be contention to play Steele. Harry Potter star Emma Watson has also been linked to the film, but recently denied that she has seen a script.