Film director Luc Besson denies rape allegations

The director is accused of attacking actress Sand Van Roy

French film director Luc Besson has denied drugging and raping actress Sand Van Roy, but says he “made some mistakes”.

A judge reopened a rape investigation into the Léon director last week, only eight months after prosecutors in Paris dropped a case brought by Van Roy, an actress from the Netherlands.

She told police last year that she was repeatedly raped by the 60-year-old director while in a relationship with him.


While Besson has denied all charges, Van Roy is one of nine women who alleges they were assaulted by Besson, whose 2017 movie ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’, was the most expensive European film of all time.

Van Roy appeared in the film, and also had a minor role in 2018’s Taxi 5.

Actress Sand Van Roy has accused Besson of rape

Besson has admitted having a relationship with Van Roy, but described her as a “fantasist”.

“This case is a lie from A to Z. I did not rape that woman, I have never raped a woman in my life,” he told French media.

“I have never lifted a hand to a woman, I have never threatened a woman… I never drugged this woman as has been said. That is a lie,” Besson said in a lengthy TV interview.


However, he admitted he had a relationship with Van Roy and had made “some mistakes”.

“I betrayed my wife and my children. It did not only happen once, it happened several times during our 20 years of marriage,” Besson said.

Van Roy first reported Besson to the police in May 2018 after spending the night with him in a Paris hotel.

Two months later, she alleged she had been raped four times over a two year period when she had been in “a controlling relationship” with Besson.

The allegations from the other women are understood to be at an early stage.

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