Film4 plan to follow ‘Amy’ with more music biopics

Channel 4 will also feature four new music-themed TV shows

Channel 4 plan to follow up their hit biopic Amy with further music biopics, and have also announced four new music-themed shows to be added to their schedule over the coming months.

Amy is now the UK’s second most successful documentary of all time in the UK, and was funded by Film4.

Talking to Broadcast, Jonny Rothery, the channel’s music commissioner, said: “We’ve got some really good rock docs that are working in primetime and now we’re increasingly looking for more access to music icons. Not just talking heads, we’re speaking to two or three really big music icons about spending proper time with them, doing biopic by stealth, with great archive and performance. Sometimes you don’t always get the most out of them by sitting them down with a director.


“And we wouldn’t do it with music stars that are quite saturated: Katy Perry might not be right, but being theoretical, Noel Gallagher or Elton John might be.”


In the nearer future, Channel 4 will be adding four different music-themed shows. These are [i[Blink[/i] (a 30-minute music quiz show), World’s Greatest Song Writers (which will explore the stories behind songs), Ten Years We Love To Hate (which will be based around the ’90s) and Best Before (based around new releases). It’s not clear just yet when the shows might begin.

The new shows have been announced in the aftermath of the BBC’s cancelation of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which ran for 18 years and 28 seasons and was canceled in May.

At the time, the BBC told Broadcast: “After 28 series we’ve decided not to bring Never Mind The Buzzcocks back to the BBC. This will create space for new entertainment formats in the future. We’d like to thank the team at [production company] Talkback, Rhod Gilbert, all the brilliant hosts over the years and of course Noel and Phill for the years of enjoyment they’ve given BBC viewers.”