Financial backer pulls out of ‘Terminator: Genesis’

Annapurna Pictures drops out of project

The upcoming Terminator: Genesis has lost one of its financial backers, it has been reported.

Total Film says that Annapurna Pictures have dropped out of the project and will no longer be involved in backing the sci-fi reboot. However, Skydance Productions and distributer Paramount Pictures will still finance the film.

It is believed that Annapurna Pictures opted out of being involved with Terminator: Genesis because it doesn’t tie-in with their recent output, which has been focused on films including American Hustle, Her and The Master.

Annapurna’s Megan Ellison said of the decision: “We love this project and the direction it is going in, but for now Annapurna’s primary focus is to produce independent films.” The company originally acquired the rights to the title in 2011.

Terminator: Genesis is set to be the first in a new stand-alone trilogy of Terminator movies. Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke will play Sarah Connor, with Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor set to sit behind the camera. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also reprise his role as the Terminator for the reboot.