Finding Dory could be the first Pixar film to include a lesbian couple

A moment in the latest trailer for the film appears to show a lesbian couple

A new trailer for Finding Dory has prompted speculation that the film could be the first in Disney Pixar’s history to include a lesbian couple.

The latest trailer for the film, a sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo, debuted on The Ellen Show last week – and follows the eponymous amnesiac fish, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, as she sets off on a journey to discover her family.

But one particular moment has sparked rumours that the film will include a lesbian couple – and occurs when an octopus appears to knock a baby out of a pram.


As the girl’s presumed parents turn around, they both appear to be women – sparking suggestion that the film could mark a progressive milestone in Pixar’s history.

The moment was initially noticed on Twitter, and prompted a flurry of tweets that praised the apparent decision.


But others were more cynical, and suggested that it could simply represent two women standing next to each other.

The speculation comes amid calls for Disney to include gay and LGBT characters in their films.

Earlier this month, the Twitter hashtag #giveElsaAGirlfriend called on Disney to include a lesbian relationship in the upcoming sequel to Frozen.

The campaigns have also spread to live action films in the Disney canon, with the emergence of #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend – which called for a gay relationship in upcoming Marvel films.