‘Finding Nemo 2’ in the works for 2016 release

Andrew Stanton will direct a belated sequel to his 2003 animated blockbuster 'Finding Nemo'

Pixar is making a sequel to its animated underwater adventure Finding Nemo.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, original director Andrew Stanton will return for the follow-up, which is being lined up for release in 2016.

Released in 2003, Finding Nemo grossed more than $878 million (£562 million) at the worldwide box office and won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Actors including Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Alison Janney and Geoffrey Rush leant their voices to the film’s menagerie of sea creatures.


After Finding Nemo, Stanton’s next film as director was 2008’s WALL-E, which also won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. He made his live-action debut with this year’s John Carter.

Finding Nemo 2 will be produced by Lindsey Collins, who also worked with Stanton on WALL-E and John Carter, with a script by relative rookie Victoria Strouse. Casting announcements have yet to be made.

Meanwhile, news of Finding Nemo 2 has sparked renewed interest in a fourth Toy Story film from Pixar. Last year (2011), Tom Hanks told the BBC that a sequel was being “worked on”, but no further information has emerged.