‘Finding Nemo 2’ provokes ecstatic reaction on Twitter

News of a sequel to the animated underwater adventure is met by a wave of positive tweets

News of a sequel to 2003’s Finding Nemo has received an overwhelmingly positive response on Twitter.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Pixar is making a follow-up to the underwater adventure, which grossed more than $878 million (£562 million) at the worldwide box office and won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Finding Nemo 2 immediately became a trending topic on Twitter – despite having a projected release date of 2016. One user declared it the “best news I’ve heard all day”, while another vowed: “When Finding Nemo 2 comes out those little kids better get outta my way. I will be first in line.”

Meanwhile, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki posted a rather incredulous response to the animated sequel:

Fortunately, Odd Future‘s Tyler, the Creator found it easier to express his feelings about the spate of animated movie sequels:

However, another famous film fan reacted rather aggressively to the news:


Meanwhile, news of Finding Nemo 2 also sparked renewed interest in a fourth Toy Story film from Pixar. Last year (2011), Tom Hanks told the BBC that a sequel was being “worked on”, but no further information has emerged.