First image of Henry Cavill as Superman revealed

Fans get their first look at the 'Man Of Steel'

The first official image of Henry Cavill as Superman has been released online.

The picture shows the British actor striking a pretty determined pose after breaking through the wall of a bank vault.

While it all looks a bit gloomy (and dare we say it, dark?) you can just about make out a few changes that may get fanboys fretting, including a rubbery texture to the outfit and distinct lack of red pants.

The latest attempt to reboot the Superman franchise will see the Man of Steel facing off against General Zod to be played by Michael Shannon.


As well as Henry Cavill in the dual role of Clark Kent/Superman, Amy Adams will join as Lois Lane, Diane Lane and Kevin Costner as Ma and Pa Kent, while Russell Crowe will play Superman’s biological dad, Jor-El.

Earlier this week, the final piece of casting news arrived with Laurence Fishburne announced to play the role of Daily Planet editor, Perry White.

Superman: Man of Steel has been pushed back from a Christmas 2012 opening, to summer 2013.