The first reactions to ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ are in

It's looking good....

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has received critical acclaim after the anticipated Quentin Tarantino movie debuted at Cannes Film Festival.

The ninth studio feature from the cult director is set against the backdrop of ’60s Hollywood and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth and Rick Dalton, two stars who are forced to deal with the fickle nature of fame as the decade comes to an end.

According to the early reviews, the film is one of Tarantino’s strongest efforts in years.


In a five-star review, The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw wrote: “I just defy anyone with red blood in their veins not to respond to the crazy bravura of Tarantino’s film-making, not to be bounced around the auditorium at the moment-by-moment enjoyment that this movie delivers – and conversely, of course, to shudder at the horror and cruelty and its hallucinatory aftermath.”

The Hollywood Reporter added: “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is uneven, unwieldy in its structure and not without its flat patches. But it’s also a disarming and characteristically subversive love letter to its inspiration, in which Tarantino rebuilds the Dream Factory as it existed during the time of his childhood, while rewriting the traumatic episode often identified as the end of that era.”

The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin also hailed the film as “pure movie world intoxication”.

It also received a six-minute standing ovation upon premiering in Cannes.


“To my wonderful actors, producers and the studio that helped me make this movie,” Tarantino said after the film’s premiere.

“Thank you for being such a fantastic audience, for the first time we ever showed it to an audience. See you on the Croisette!”

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is released in the US on July 26 ahead of arriving in the UK on August 15.