First teaser trailer for ‘Carrie’ remake unveiled – watch

'Kick-Ass' star Chloë Moretz plays Carrie in the new version of Stephen King's classic horror story

The first teaser trailer for the Carrie remake has been unveiled – scroll down to watch it.

Carrie is billed as a “re-imagining” of the classic horror story from Stephen King, whose novel was famously adapted into a 1976 film starring Sissy Spacek. In the new version, Kick-Ass star Chloë Moretz plays Carrie, the girl who unleashes telekinetic terror on a small town after a prank backfires on prom night.

Hosted by Yahoo! Movies, the atmospheric 60-second teaser begins with an aerial shot of the blazing town after Carrie’s rampage, before zooming in on the blood-stained girl.

Alongside Moretz, Carrie co-stars Julianne Moore as the girl’s overbearing mother and Judy Greer as a gym teacher who tries in vain to protect her from the school bullies, whose prank eventually pushes Carrie over the edge.

The remake has been directed by Kimberly Peirce, who previously helmed Boys Don’t Cry and Stop-Loss. The script has been written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, best known for his work on HBO drama series Big Love, based on the original novel by King. Carrie is scheduled for release on March 15 2013.