First trailer for Robert De Niro’s ‘The Family’ revealed – watch

Michelle Pfeiffer also stars in film about mobster family joining witness protection

The first trailer for new mobster flick The Family has been revealed – scroll down the page and click ‘play’ to watch.

The Luc Besson-directed movie stars Robert De Niro as a mobster who is forced to join a witness protection programme in Normandy, France after his mafia family turn against him.

In the trailer, we see his wife, played by Michelle Pfiffer and their two children – Glee‘s Dianna Argo and The Wrestler‘s John D’leo – relocate to Europe where they attempt to fit in to their new way of living.

However, the new lifestyle proves to be difficult for the family and they begin to terrorize the sleepy town with their old mob tricks – bribery, arson and deceit. They also remain under threat from the mafia, who attempt to track them down.

Oscar-winning actor Tommy Lee Jones also stars, alongside I Married A Mobster‘s Jon Freda. Michael Caleo (The Sopranos) and Luc Besson wrote the screenplay, inspired by Tonino Benacquista’s novel Malavita.

The Family will open in US cinemas on September 20, and will hit UK theatres on November 8.