First trailer for ‘The Railway Man’ starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman – watch

Firth stars as a prisoner of war who confronts his Japanese captor nearly 50 years later

The first trailer for The Railway Man starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman has been released. Watch it below.

The film is an adaptation of the bestselling autobiography of the same name by Eric Lomax, a British officer captured during World War II who endured brutal conditions in a Japanese prisoner of war camp while being forced to work on the Thai-Burma railway. Nearly 50 years later in 1993, he returned to Japan to confront the Japanese interpreter he held responsible for much of his ill treatment.

Firth and Jeremy Irvine play the older and younger Lomax, while Kidman co-stars as his wife Patti and Stellan Skarsgård appears as Lomax’s best friend who accompanies him on his return trip to Japan.

The Railway Man was directed by up-and-coming Aussie Jonathan Teplitzky from a script by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Welcome To Sarajevo, A Cock And Bull Story) and Andy Paterson (Girl With A Pearl Earring). It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last Friday (September 6) to largely positive reviews and will open in UK cinemas on January 3, 2014.

Eric Lomax, who went on to become a lecturer at Strathclyde University following the end of World War II, passed away in October of last year (2012) at the age of 93.