Francis Ford Coppola: ”The Godfather 2′ was a mistake’

The acclaimed director reckons the 'best sequel ever' should not have been made

Francis Ford Coppola has declared that The Godfather 2 should never have been made.

The 1972 gangster sequel is widely regarded as being perhaps the greatest movie sequel of all time. But it appears that its director now has other ideas.

Ambushed by the gossip site TMZ Coppola was asked how he felt about Iraqi dictator Sadaam Hussein having been a fan of The Godfather. He replied, “all kinds of weird guys like that movie”.


But when pressed about whether he would ever return to the story of the Corleone family for a fourth film, he made the revelation: “There should only have been one”. The director then got into his car before expanding on his statement.

The Godfather 2 was the sequel to Coppola’s 1972 original, which had been based on a novel by author Mario Puzo, who also adapted the screen play. It followed Vito Corleone in 1920s New York, as his son Michael tightened his grip on crime syndicates, from Lake Tahoe, Nevada, up until pre-revolutionary Cuba in 1958.

It won six Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.