‘Fresh Meat’ comic Jack Whitehall auditioned for ‘The Hobbit’

Comedian also reveals he read for the part of Harry Potter when he was 12

Jack Whitehall has revealed that he auditioned for a part in The Hobbit.

The comedian told Shortlist magazine that he read for a part in Peter Jackson’s movie, and said he was put under pressure after being informed that he was the first person to audition for the film.

He said: “I was the first person in the world to audition for The Hobbit. The casting director told me that when I went in. That’s a lot of pressure, isn’t it? The first person in the world. That’s probably why I fucked the audition up.”

However, it is more likely the Fresh Meat actor never got the part because he wasn’t sure what role he was auditioning for. When asked what character he would have played, Whitehall replied: “An elf, I think. No, a hobbit. One of the ‘dwarfy’ ones… I haven’t read the book.”

Whitehall also revealed that he tried out for the role of Harry Potter in the blockbuster franchise when he was 12, adding: “I didn’t get past the first audition. I had read those books and I was a big fan.”

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey gets its worldwide premiere in New Zealand on November 28 before opening in UK cinemas on December 14. You can watch the trailer by clicking at the bottom of the page.