Gael Garcia Bernal set to play ‘Zorro’ in new Hollywood reboot

Mexican actor is set to step into Antonio Banderas' shoes on new flick

Gael Garcia Benal is set to play black-masked clad outlaw Zorro in a new Hollywood reboot, according to reports today (February 17).

The legendary character was last seen on screen in 2005 in The Legend Of Zorro and was played by Antonio Banderas. It was the Spanish actor’s second outing as the masked vigilante as he’d previously played Zorro in the 1998 film The Mask Of Zorro. Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared alongside him in both films.

According to Variety, Benal will play Zorro in a new version which is set to be titled Zorro: Reborn and which will transplant the character to a futuristic setting instead of the usual Wild West location.

The script has been penned by Fracture writer Glenn Gers and is still seeking a director.


Garcia Bernal will next appear opposite Will Ferrell in the Spanish-language comedy Casa de mi Padre and alongside Kate Hudson in A Little Bit of Heaven.