George Clooney labels Donald Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants ‘idiotic’

The Republican presidential candidate had called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and "criminals"

George Clooney has called out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on his comments about Mexican immigrants.

Trump, who is currently the frontrunner for the Republican nomination had described Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals”, comments which Clooney described as “idiotic”.

Speaking at a press conference for his new film Our Brand Is Crisis at the Toronto International Film Festival, Clooney said, “Anybody who says as intolerant words as those should be laughed at and that’s pretty much what history will do.”

The political comedy about an American election strategist working in Bolivia is based on a documentary about the campaign run by Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada, who became the Bolivian President in 2012.



Clooney’s remarks come after numerous comments about Trump from public figures including Morrissey, Neil Young and REM’s Michael Stipe.

This week, Stipe publicly objected to Trump’s use of his song ‘It’s The End of the World As We Know It…’ at a rally in Washington DC, saying, “Go fuck yourselves, the lot of you – you sad, attention-grabbing, power-hungry little men. Do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign.”

Neil Young similarly objected to Trump’s use of his song ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’ at Trump’s campaign launch in June, while Morrissey said: “Are you ready for President Trump? Please I beg you, don’t.”