George Clooney’s Nespresso adverts helped fund a satellite which “kept an eye” on a Sudanese dictator

People have been re-sharing the extraordinary admission Clooney made in a 2013 interview

People have been re-sharing an extraordinary admission George Clooney made in a 2013 interview where he confirmed that he’d been using the money he earned from advertising Nespresso coffee to help fund a satellite that was “keeping an eye” on a Sudanese dictator.

Speaking to The Guardian in July 2013, Clooney revealed how he’d been funding The Satellite Sentinel Project as part of his activism in campaigning against the Sudanese government at the time.

Clooney, who was arrested outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C. in 2012 for protesting, told the paper that “most of the money I make on the [Nespresso] commercials I spend keeping a satellite over the border of North and South Sudan to keep an eye on Omar al-Bashir [the former Sudanese dictator who has been accused of war crimes]”.


“Then al-Bashir puts out a statement saying that I’m spying on him and how would I like it if a camera was following me everywhere I went and I go ‘well welcome to my life Mr War Criminal’,” Clooney continued. “I want the war criminal to have the same amount of attention that I get. I think that’s fair.”

Those comments have re-circulated on social media this week after Twitter user @SimplyTome screenshotted a separate article on Clooney’s funding of the satellite.

After the initial tweet went viral, Twitter user Benjamin Davies responded to the claims that Clooney was the main financial force behind the project.

Davies, who said he was “the manager of this project at Harvard”, stated that “while Clooney put up the initial money to start the project all the satellite imagery was donated by DG & we only saw $700K from Clooney”.


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