George Lucas issues yet more changes for ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray – video

Director adds new sounds to the original films

George Lucas is continuing to alter the original Star Wars films, adding new audio effects to two scenes for the Blu-ray release.

As confirmed by Moviefone, the director has revisited the first and third films in the original trilogy, placing in overly dramatic sound mixes.

The first instance appears fairly minor. In A New Hope the sound Ben Kenobi makes to scare away the Jawas is greatly increased.

However, the second change has angered fans already fed up with the tinkering. As you can see in the video below, Darth Vader now recreates his emotional cry of “No!” from Revenge Of The Sith when saving Luke from The Emperor.

Last week, it was revealed that a CGI Yoda would be added to The Phantom Menace, replacing the original puppet.

A transcript of a speech made by George Lucas in 1988 was posted online yesterday (August 31), in which the filmmaker rallies against people altering movies. You can read it over at Slashfilm.

Fans will be able to see whether more changes have been made to Star Wars when the Blu-ray edition is released on September 12. You can view the trailer for the Blu-ray editions here.