Gerard Butler hospitalised after injecting bee venom

Actor used the alternative remedy to help with muscle pain

Gerard Butler has revealed that he was recently hospitalised after injecting too much bee venom.

The Scottish actor appeared on ITV’s Lorraine this week, telling host Lorraine Kelly how he started injecting bee venom to help with muscle ache after enduring a 12-hour day of performing stunts for his latest film, Geostorm.

“I had heard of this guy injecting bee venom, because apparently it has many anti-inflammatory compounds,” Butler explained. “So, I’m like: ‘Come, come to New Orleans where we’re filming.’ So, he gives me a shot, and I go: ‘Oh, that’s interesting’ – because it stings.”

“Then he gives me 10 shots, and then I have the worst reaction. I kind of enter this anaphylactic shock. It’s awful, creepy crawlies all over me, swelled up, heart’s going to explode. But I go through it, and then I find out he gave me 10 times too much. This was supposed to be over 10 weeks.

Butler said that he decided to try it again four days later and had to go to the hospital afterwards. “I decide to do it again because, I think: ‘Maybe I just took too much.’ So, he’s on the phone, and this time I have to go to the hospital [again].”

Butler was also recently hospitalised after being involved in a motorbike crash in Los Angeles.