You can now apply to study a college course based on ‘Get Out’

The acclaimed Oscar-nominated film is the subject of a new online course - and it won't make you sit any exams, either

A college course which studies Get Out is now open to applications from the public.

Created by Professor Tananarive Due and her husband Steven Barnes – who also both teach the course – the workshop initially debuted at US university UCLA last year.

Entitled ‘The Sunken Place: Racism, Survival and Black Horror’, the online course opened itself to applications from the public earlier this month. Students are taught online via live streams and replays, meaning that anyone wishing to apply now will be able to catch up on any missed lectures.


The course costs $348 per student (£247, which can be paid in instalments) and lasts for six weeks. While the course isn’t graded and there are no actual exams to take, students will be set homework and can participate in a virtual screenwriting workshop.

You can find out more about the course and apply here.

Get Out director Jordan Peele – who attended one class during the course’s initial run at UCLA in 2017 – is expected to be involved in the course at some stage. Candyman star Tony Todd is also set to contribute his expertise to the teaching.

Last week, Get Out was nominated for four Academy Awards – you can check out the full list of Oscar nominations for 2018 here. The Oscars 2018 will take place Sunday, March 4.

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