We could be getting an extended version of ‘Deadpool 2’

The film's director speaks challenges of editing the superhero epic

An extended version of Deadpool 2 could be released, according to the film’s director David Leitch.

The superhero sequel – starring Ryan Reynolds – hits cinemas next week. Early online reactions indicate that the movie is about to receive heaps of praise.

Ahead of its release, Leitch has said that he hopes some of his favourite deleted scenes will make it into a longer cut, after facing challenges in the edit.


“Yeah, there’s a lot of material in dramatic scenes and in comedic scenes that you might want to cut, or you might want back in the movie,” he told Digital Spy. “But I think, then, the movie starts to speak to you, and you’re like, ‘OK, this joke is really funny, but I don’t want to subvert this emotional moment.’ Or: ‘This emotional moment is great, but we get the point, and the audience can make the leap, and they really want to just get to a joke.’

Leitch then discussed the challenges of “fine-tuning material that you’ve slaved over for a year”, saying that it’s hard “to let things go”.

“You just have to be disciplined in the edit, and say, ‘This is OK. This can go. It’s better for the movie. The joke will work better, or the emotion will work better.’

“So yeah, there’s plenty of jokes. Hopefully we’ll make an extended version for home entertainment that people can enjoy.”


Deadpool 2 is released on May 18.

NME called the original Deadpool a “stylishly salty antidote to bloated recent superhero movies” – before it went on to be one of 2016’s biggest films.