‘Ghostbusters 3’ could still happen but depends on Bill Murray, says Dan Aykroyd

Murray is currently standing in the way of a third movie in supernatural series

Dan Aykroyd has said Ghostbusters 3 could still happen, but it still depends on Bill Murray agreeing to take part.

A third movie has been touted for several years now, and a script has been written by The American Office writers Gene Stupitsky and Lee Eisenberg.

But studio Sony has reportedly insisted on Murray reprising his role as Doctor Peter Venkman if the project is to go forward, and earlier this year, the famously reclusive Murray claimed has had not yet read the script.

Now Aykroyd, who played Ray Stantz, has reaffirmed his commitment. He told Access Hollywood: “We hope to make the movie with Bill Murray. That’s where we’re standing… I’m in.”


He also repeated the promise that any new film would involve a new generation of Ghostbusters. He said: “There’s a great story to be told. The promise of the new movie is handing the torch over to the new young because, you know, (original Ghostbusters) Ray and Winston and Egon and Peter Venkman, we’re a little taxed physically now. We can’t be frontline operators any more.”

It had been suggested that the new team could be played by the current established generation of US comic actors like Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell.

Ghostbusters 2 was released in 1989.