‘Ghostbusters’ director Paul Feig hits out at ‘a-holes who post hateful tweets and posts’

Filmmaker posts lengthy statement online

Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig has posted a lengthy statement online attacking ‘a-holes who post hateful tweets and posts’.

The film has come in for a lot of criticism even before its release with a recent trailer getting 600,000 thumb-downs on YouTube.

Despite the criticism, Feig said he respected fans’ opinions of the trailer but he singled out those who posted “misogyny and hate and threats”.

He wrote: “The ‘a–holes’ of which I speak are the ones who live online, who write those hateful tweets and posts and comments. I’m not talking about the people who have true concerns and worries about the rebooting of a franchise they love, nor am I talking about people who have watched the trailer for our movie and didn’t like it.


“Those are all valid opinions and I respect them all. I am talking about those that write misogyny and hate and threats. Those are the ‘a–holes’ of which I spoke. As a lifelong geek and proud member of the geek community (as well as the creator of the TV series Freaks And Geeks), I abhor bullies.”

His comments were also posted to clarify an article in which he was quoted as saying: “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest a–holes I’ve ever met in my life,” which initially appeared to be in relation to Ghostbusters

But it later emerged that he made the remark in February 2015 in response to a question about geek culture in general.

In his post he apologised for the remark adding: “I very much regret saying in my answer that I had actually ‘met’ any ‘a–holes’ from the geek community. I have never met anyone from the geek world face-to-face who wasn’t a warm, kind person.”

You can read his full post below:


Feig previously defended the cast members of the female fronted reboot after two of the actresses were targeted for criticism online.

Feig, leapt to the defence of Leslie Jones who has already spoken out about criticism she has received for her role in the film.