‘GI Joe 3’ is already in the works

The second film in the series, 'GI Joe: Retaliation', only arrived in cinemas last Friday (March 28)

GI Joe 3 has already been given a green light after the new movie starring Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis made a strong start at the box office.

GI Joe: Retaliation opened in cinemas worldwide on Friday (March 28) and took a whopping $132 million (£87 million) over the weekend, Variety reports, prompting Paramount to press on with plans for a third instalment.

The new movie has enjoyed a better opening weekend than 2009’s GI Joe: Revenge Of The Cobra despite costing less to make. The first film helmed by Stephen Sommers had a budget of $175 million (£114 million), but new director Jon M Chu brought in the sequel for a trimmer $135 million (£89 million).

Tatum starred in the original alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Sienna Miller, neither of whom returned for the new movie. Second time out, he’s joined instead by Willis, Dwayne Johnson and Adrianne Palicki.

The films are based on the iconic GI Joe toy franchise, which first went on sale in 1964. In the UK, the franchise was licensed out and has always been known as Action Man.