‘Gogglebox’ stars Steph and Dom want to interview David Cameron on their chat show

Alcohol-loving couple are planning a chat show after their successful encounter with Nigel Farage

Gogglebox stars Steph and Dom Parker have revealed that they want David Cameron to appear on their forthcoming chat show.

Following last year’s one-off encounter with Ukip leader Nigel Farage, the alcohol-loving couple are developing a series in which celebrities visit them at their Kent guesthouse, whose well-stocked sitting room is seen each week on Gogglebox.

Asked about the couple’s chat show by RadioTimes.com, Steph Parker replied: “We are looking forward to it very much. We haven’t got the line-up quite yet.” She also promised to ply future chat show guests with servings of “my really filthy Irish coffee”.

Parker went on to reveal that David Cameron is on the couple’s wishlist for the series, saying: “I would probably ask him to walk the dog and ask him to perform some basic chores to make him feel at home. And probably supply him with a good whisky. I think that would do the trick.”

Gogglebox has become so popular since it launched in 2013 that the show has recently spawned a porn parody called Gobble Cocks.