Google adds ‘Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon’ game to search engine

Type in "Bacon number" followed by any actor's name, and Google will show how they are linked

Google has built the infamous ‘Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon‘ game into its search engine.

The game, a playful variation on ‘Six Degrees Of Separation’, is based on the idea that any Hollywood actor can be linked to Bacon in six associations or fewer because the Footloose actor has enjoyed such a prolific career. When the game first spread in the 1990s, Bacon seemed unamused, but he has since embraced it, using its popularity for a charitable website called SixDegrees.Org.

Now the game has been automated by Google. When a user types the phrase “Bacon number” into the search box, followed by the name of any actor, Google will produce that actor’s “Bacon number” and show how the two are linked. For example, a search of “Bacon number Danny Dyer” yields the following result: “Danny Dyer’s Bacon number is 2. Danny Dyer and Jason Flemyng appeared in Mean Machine. Jason Flemyng and Kevin Bacon appeared in X-Men: First Class.”

Discussing the results produced by the “Bacon number” search function, Google engineer Yossi Matias told The Hollywood Reporter: “In most cases, most actors aren’t that far apart from each other. And most of them have a relatively small Bacon number.”

For example, Christian Bale, Angelina Jolie, Robert Pattinson, Betty White and David Bowie all have a Bacon number of two. Even Emil Jannings, the very first actor to presented with an Oscar back in 1927, has a Bacon number of just three.