Government report encourages both ‘commercial’ and ‘arty’ films

Lord Chris Smith's report is not as extreme as David Cameron's recent comments

Following comments from Prime Minister David Cameron which urged British film makers to make more “commercially successful pictures”, a review into government film policy has been published.

The review, led by Lord Chris Smith, was compiled by eight industry experts including Downton Abbey creator and Tory peer Julian Fellowes. The report has not been as controversial as expected from Cameron’s comments, with Smith stating the government should support “as wide a range of films as possible, from the overtly commercial to the overtly arty and much in between.”

Smith added that Cameron “understands, just as we do, that there is a whole range of movies and types of movie that we are supporting. He is very clear on that. We are not trying to dictate an artistic vision.”

The report named broadcasters ITV and Sky as doing “very little” to support the UK film industry and said “we believe they should be doing more,” reports Empire Online.

The report comprises 56 recommendations, including more film education in schools, an enterprise to get projection equipment into communities without cinemas and the setting up of a British Film Week.