‘Grand Theft Auto’ fans excited by rumours of new Liberty City DLC

New images of the popular location have been found on an online portfolio

Rumours of a new addition to Grand Theft Auto V are swirling again among gaming fans.

An artist named Adrian Page, apparently an employee of Rockstar Games, has uploaded images of the popular GTA location Liberty City to an online portfolio. Check out one of the images at the top of this article.

Fans are now speculating that Rockstar could be working on a Liberty City DLC – or downloadable content add-on – for Grand Theft Auto V. Though the franchise’s most recent instalment came out back in 2013, it has since been re-released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, as well being added to in its multiplayer incarnation Grand Theft Auto Online.

Some fans are even speculating that the images could point to a return to Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 6, though more sceptical gamers are suggesting they could simply be fan-made, or potentially some kind of hoax.

Meanwhile, the publisher behind the Grand Theft Auto games, Take-Two, has confirmed that its multiplayer incarnation GTA Online is not intended to be permanent. “It’s important that it not be permanent,” CEO Strauss Zelnick explained to delegates at a recent tech conference. “We have to rest the franchise at some point.”