‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ actor hits out at ‘boring’ roles for women

She says interesting on-screen roles for female actors are less prevalent than they are for men

A Guardians Of The Galaxy actor has hit out at “boring” roles for women on screen.

Ophelia Lovibond played Carina in the 2014 movie and has also appeared in Nowhere Boy, Inside No. 9 and W1A.

Speaking to Digital Spy, she said: “You know that, because you’re a woman, there are not going to be as many interesting roles for you – and that is frustrating.

“It’s so ridiculous – I don’t have a penis, so I’m not going to get as interesting a role. But the only thing you can do is continue talking about that, and outing that, and trying to shift it – there’s only so much that moaning about it will do.”

Lovibond said the lack of interesting roles was more of an issue in film and TV, adding: “The roles that have been offered to me in theatre have been these strong, feminist, dynamic roles, so that’s been so, so appealing.”

While the actor is dissatisfied with on-screen roles, she did admit that she had noticed a slow, positive change in that department. “I do feel like lately it has been improving,” she said. “I see the kind of films that are out there and the women that are carrying them, and it is reassuring to see that the landscape has improved.”

Earlier this summer, the stars of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 teamed up for a mad new video, promoting the upcoming home release of the film.

Titled ‘Guardians’ Inferno’, the clip finds the crew dancing away, full-on 80s style. They’re fronted (naturally) by David Hasselhoff, who delivers such timeless lines as “They ask me why I bring a baby into battle / That’s really irresponsible, that’d getting them rattled.”