Guillermo del Toro confirms he is writing ‘Pacific Rim’ sequel

Del Toro's monster movie performed disappointingly in the US but better internationally

Guillermo del Toro has confirmed he is working on Pacific Rim 2 – though the sequel has yet to receive a green light from Warner Bros.

Released this July, Pacific Rim performed disappointingly at the US box office but fared much better elsewhere. Del Toro’s monster-themed blockbuster has now grossed over $400 million (£250 million) worldwide from an estimated $190 million (£120 million) budget.

The Pacific Rim Blu-ray came out in the US on Monday (October 15) and will be available to buy in the UK from November 11. Asked whether Blu-ray sales will affect the chances of a sequel, del Toro told IGN: “No, we are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active. The decision to green light or not, that’s definitely above my pay rate.”

Del Toro also teamed up with Beacham to write the script for the original Pacific Rim, which starred Idris Elba, Charlie Day and Charlie Hunnam. Watch a trailer for the Blu-ray below.

Meanwhile, Del Toro has recently directed his own version of The Simpsons‘ famous opening sequence – watch it here.