Gunman interrupts live Cannes TV interview with Christopher Waltz

"He was just crazy," says the 'Django Unchained' actor

A gunman opened fire during a live TV show with Django Unchained actor Christopher Waltz in Cannes yesterday (May 17). You can watch the drama unfold below.

The two-time Oscar winner was being interviewed live on talk show Grand Journal with fellow Cannes Film Festival juror Daniel Auteil when a gunman came through the audience and began firing blanks into the air.

Waltz and Auteil were quickly ushered off stage while security wrestled the suspect to the ground and detained him. Police found a starter gun, a dummy grenade and a pocketknife on him.

Speaking about the incident, Waltz said: “I was on a panel at the Studio Canal platform off the beach when a man produced a gun. I think it was a pistol and he fired but luckily for me they were blanks. Then he shouted he had a grenade and again luckily for me there was no grenade. The police have him. They tackled him to the ground.”

He later told Showbiz 411 that he presumed the stunt was “a joke or something to do with Occupy Cannes” adding, “I think he was just crazy.”