Hans Zimmer on scoring Batman v Superman: ‘It’s creating a problem in my head’

Zimmer composed the music for 'Man Of Steel' as well as Christopher Nolan's three Batman films

Hans Zimmer has admitted he is still unsure about scoring the forthcoming Batman v Superman movie.

The Oscar-winning composer wrote the score for this year’s Man Of Steel, from which Batman v Superman will follow on, but also provided the music for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy of Batman films, a situation he recently admitted he finds “complicated”.

Now Zimmer has given an update on how he is feeling about the situation. “It’s creating a bit of a problem in my head right now,” he told Collider. “Quite honestly, I’ve gotta sit down with Zack [Snyder, Batman v Superman director] and have a chat with him about what he’s trying to do because what I don’t want to do is go back to that well. It’s a different Batman; Christian Bale and what I did with Chris [Nolan], that needs to have its autonomous life. I don’t want to go and now appropriate that and put that into the other Batman.”

However, Zimmer also said: “Of course I can see myself doing it, first of all because I love working with Zack. I think you can tell from [the Man Of Steel score] we had a lot of fun, and I think it was inventive.”

Meanwhile, it’s recently been announced that Snyder will start shooting Batman v Superman in Michigan early next year (2014). Alongside Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman, Amy Adams is confirmed to be returning as Lois Lane and her Man Of Steel castmates Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne have also inked deals to reprise their roles. Warner Bros has given the film – whose official title has yet to be confirmed – a release date of July 17, 2015.