Harrison Ford helps woman after car crash

The 'Star Wars' hero helped a woman after she ran her car off a highway

Star Wars and Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford came to the rescue of a woman after she accidentally crashed her car in California.

The Hollywood actor took a heroic turn late Sunday morning (November 19), after a woman driving east on California State Route 126 accidentally ran her car off the road.

As TMZ report, Ford was driving behind the woman, when she sped off an embankment. Pulling up behind her and climbing down to help, Ford stayed with the woman until paramedics arrived, when she was transported to hospital with minor injuries.


Check out some photos of the incident below, along with some fans’ reactions.

Last month, the notoriously straight-faced action star appeared on This Morning alongside his Blade Runner 2049 co-star Ryan Gosling, going viral after the pair spent most of the interview cracking up.

The giggles started whilst the actors were still having their microphones fixed, after Hammond was forced to admit she had never seen the original Blade Runner movie. The trio only kept a straight face for a moment before they broke into another fit of laughter. after Hammond made the joke, “Bleak, dystopian – an absolute nightmare to be honest with you. That’s just my interviewing techniques.” After rolling back in his chair, Ford said to Hammond, “cheer up!… this is not the introduction we were promised.”