Harrison Ford’s laugh made a rare appearance during a hilarious ITV This Morning interview – and went viral

The actor is notoriously straight faced in interviews

Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling have given an interview with ITV’s This Morning in which the pair crease up laughing. This is a rare occurrence for Ford, who is notoriously straight faced during video interviews.

Speaking to Alison Hammond to promote their new film Blade Runner 2049, the pair laughed almost continuously through the four minute segment.

The giggles started whilst the actors were still having their microphones fixed, after Hammond was forced to admit she had never seen the original Blade Runner movie. The trio only kept a straight face for a moment before they broke into another fit of laughter. after Hammond made the joke, “Bleak, dystopian – an absolute nightmare to be honest with you. That’s just my interviewing techniques.” After rolling back in his chair, Ford said to Hammond, “cheer up!… this is not the introduction we were promised.”


Dropping his head into his hands in laughter, Gosling then proceeded to pour himself a large whisky during the morning report. “Are you pouring another drink?” asked Hammond “I feel like that’s where this is headed,” said Gosling, prompting another large laugh from Ford.

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Attempting to get the interview back on track, Hammond asked Ford how he reacted to the phone call from the filmmakers asking if he was interested in making the movie. Ford started, “When they called me and asked, ‘Would you be interested’, I said -”. Hammond interrupted to say, “How much?” “Show me the money!” agreed Ford.

Watch the full interview below:


Harrison Ford played the lead Rick Deckard in the original film when it was released in 1982. He reprises his role in the re-boot, with Gosling taking on the role of LAPD Officer K. An interview promoting the film on the Graham Norton Show last week saw an awkward moment in which Ford forgot Ryan Gosling’s name when reciting an anecdote about the film.

Blade Runner 2049 is released tomorrow (October 6) in UK cinemas.

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