Harrison Ford in near mid-air collision at US airport

The Star Wars actor came close to a run-in with a commercial jet while attempting a landing on Monday.

Harrison Ford narrowly avoided a serious accident while attempting to land his plane.

The Star Wars actor was attempting to land on a runway at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California, on Monday, but mistakenly landed on a parallel taxiway, almost colliding with an American Airlines jet holding nearby, NBC reports.

“Was that airliner meant to be underneath me?” Ford is heard asking air traffic controllers in a recording.


A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration couldn’t confirm that Ford was piloting the Aviat Husky that overflew the Boeing 737 but said that the pilot had been given the proper landing instructions.

Ford, who took up flying in his 50s and owns several aircraft, was previously injured in 2015 after crashing his second world war-era trainer on a Los Angeles gold course after it lost power shortly after takeoff.

In 1999, Ford crash-landed his helicopter during a training flight in Los Angeles but neither him nor his instructor were hurt.

The actor was also recently involved in an accident, in which he broke his leg, while filming a scene for Star Wars: The Force Awakes on the Millennium Falcon spaceship. The production company was later fined $2m for the lapse in safety precautions.