Harrison Ford: “No-one will replace me as Indiana Jones when I give up”

'Indiana Jones 5' is due for release in 2021

Harrison Ford has said no-one will be replacing him as Indiana Jones when he finally retires from the role.

The 76-year-old has played the iconic figure in all four previous films and is set to reprise the role in the forthcoming Indiana Jones 5 movie.

Speaking on the Today show, in a clip you can watch below, Ford said: “Nobody else is gonna be Indiana Jones! Don’t you get it? I’m Indiana Jones. When I’m gone, he’s gone. It’s easy… This is a hell of a way to tell Chris Pine this.'”


Although he mentioned Chris Pine, he was likely to mean Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, who was rumoured to be appearing in the upcoming movie, which is due out in 2021.

Ford previously joked, when rumours first surfaced of Pratt’s involvement: “I think it’s him or me.”

The movie was originally scheduled for release in July this year before it was later pushed back to 2020. Disney has since confirmed that Indiana Jones 5 is coming out on July 9, 2021.

Spielberg has previously said that George Lucas will be involved as an executive producer on the next film. “Of course I would never make an Indiana Jones film without George Lucas,” he said. “That would be insane”.


He also reassured fans that Ford’s hero will not meet his maker in Indiana Jones 5, saying: “I think this one is straight down the pike for fans. The one thing I will tell you is I’m not killing off Harrison at the end of it.”

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