Harry Hill plots ‘X Factor’ musical with Simon Cowell

'TV Burp' star is also planning movie based on 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure'

Harry Hill has revealed that he is planning an X Factor musical.

The former TV Burp host says that he and co-writer Steve Brown have pitched the to Simon Cowell, which the show’s creator has accepted. He is aiming to have the musical ready for a West End opening in autumn 2013.

Hill explained: “He liked it, so we’re doing it. It’s like a TV Burp treatment, a celebration/piss-take, to get the lovers and haters in. It’s not caustic, like Jerry Springer: The Opera. That would be quite an easy route to take, but we want it to be funny above everything.”

He also added that he is currently working on his first feature film. He is developing a road movie inspired by 1985’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, a surreal Tim Burton comedy about a man-child who embarks on a trek across America to find his stolen bicycle.

Discussing the film’s premise with The Telegraph, Hill explained: “It’s partly a road trip, with a sick hamster and some badgers involved, plus some songs and guest appearances – the kind of thing I always do, but a bit longer and wider. I saw Pee-wee’s Big Adventure recently, and I thought yes, there’s something to aspire to.”

The comedian, real name Matthew Hall, is best known for Harry Hill’s TV Burp, which ended after its eleventh series in April (2012). Explaining his decision to call time, Hill admitted: “You got this new, knowing breed of shows, like The Only Way Is Essex, where the jokes were already built in, and there was no leverage for us. We’d kind of exhausted it. I think, in the end, we just about avoided it going a bit shit.”